Clearance 5600MAH Smart Electric Heat Gloves,Ski Waterproof Lithium Battery Self Heating,5 Fingers&Hand Back Heated,3 Gear 4-8H

    Clearance 5600MAH Smart Electric Heat Gloves,Ski Waterproof Lithium Battery Self Heating,5 Fingers&Hand Back Heated,3 Gear 4-8H Specification & Description Summary

    Clearance 5600MAH Smart Electric Heat Gloves,Ski Waterproof Lithium Battery Self Heating,5 Fingers&Hand Back Heated,3 Gear 4-8H Specification

    • Brand NameWARMSPACE
    • GenderUnisex
    • MaterialPolyester
    • MaterialSpandex
    2017 Latest Release
    8.4V 5600MAH Smart Electric Heat Gloves,Outdoor Ski Sport Lithium Battery Self Heating,5Fingers & Hand Back Heated,3 Gear 4-8H
    Special Note:
    This batch of gloves, black M size, due to factory oversight, posted into the L size label. Its real size is also the M size as same as size table. Please understand that!
    TIPS: Video of the glove is GA630, and this link gloves is GA840, both are similar styles, but different battery capacity and control way.
    TIPS:Please preferred select "POSTNL" logistics mode.
    Russian Buyers,please choose "seller's Shipping Method",we'll send to you via RU-CDEK".
    United States,Chile,France,Spain,Netherlands Buyers,only can choose "AliExpress Standard Shipping".
    Tips: M/L Sizes, they are the same size, please understand!
    This gloves: Heating more durable, which can be heated  5 Fingers /palm and the hand back about 4-8 hours.
    3 gear smart thermostat
    Default Configuration EU Standard Plug Charger
    Tips: M size and L size,The both yards are the same, we do not partition.Please understand!


    Outdoor lithium battery heating gloves 

    Product type: WS-840
    Product color: Black,Navy
    Product allocation:
    1 x pairs of gloves
    2 x 5600mAh lithium battery
    1 x 8.4V EU Plug charger
    Default Configuration EU Standard Plug Charger
    If you need be Configuration US Standard Plug Charger,Please Leave a message "US Plug Charger"
    • Computer USB interface for heating,Lifting of the long time use computer human hand suffered frost pain.
    • Glove heating part temperature uniformity, arbitrary bending or extrusion, will not damage the heating function, promote blood circulation, relieve finger caused by cold of stiffness, numbness, pain and discomfort, give your hands in the winter season, the warmth and care.



    Product features:

    1, carbon fiber heating body. With far infrared function has the health care function, can maintain the skin surface dry, prevent moisture, inhibit bacteria.

    2, the use of low voltage power supply, absolutely safe and reliable, high thermal efficiency, fast temperature rise, achieve the human comfort temperature: 36 -46 Centigrade.

    3, outdoor warm gloves with simple detachable battery, when needing heating can be mounted on the battery, electric warm hands, do not need to remove the battery at.Easy to carry.


    System constitution:

    The 1 battery, thermal energy from or lithium batteries polymer battery

    The 2 charger, power output line is Y shape, with each country plug standard

    The 3 heating system, the heating element is made of carbon fiber material, very soft and high power heating

    The 4 connection line system, it has a small diameter and a soft, heating temperature at 30 -- 70 degrees Celsius

    The 5  preparation of gloves coat, high elastic windproof, waterproof, moisture permeable material.

    The 6 insulating film, prevent temperature dispersion.



    Product introduction:

    1 with skiing, climbing, cycling, fishing in the outdoors, in the outdoor work and do other sports.

    2 safety to provide special chargers and lithium batteries to protect the line to prevent the battery from excessive charge and discharge, the input circuit only 8.4V, absolutely safe and reliable.

    3 energy saving, with extremely good heating materials and equipment, heating temperature can reach 38-68 degrees Celsius, power is less than 5W, low consumption.

    4 of products using the separation design and unique design in the cell region, it is convenient to do in the winter outdoor sports and simple operation, gloves warm effect, give you the winter brings unlimited care.

    5 good heat insulating effect, high capacity sustainable use lithium battery voltage: 8.4V: 5600mAh, capacitor, batteries can be recycled 500 times, it can warm 4-8 hours, the temperature of 38-68 degrees c..

    6 glove material is made of waterproof cloth, there are three layers of insulation cotton, heating material is to use the new carbonized fiber, can release far infrared ray to human body, it has a unique flexibility, rapid heating, warm and persistent.

    7  health products by carbon fiber heating can reduce the loss of infrared (5 ? M-15 ? m), the human and animal body is necessary, it can be on human skin and cells are easy to produce resonance, can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue, blood circulation and capillary expansion ability, to promote the new supersedes the old., make the skin tight, prevent water loss, prevent bacteria, delaying senility.

    8 using the method:

    1. Travel prior to full charge, and then the lithium battery placed in the small pocket, DC and DC plug to plug connection, in 30 seconds after the products will be gradually heated, and then at 37-45 degrees C (keeping the constant temperature in humans the most suitable temperature)
    2. If the gloves no heating process, is also the lithium battery without electricity, must be recharged, in order to make lithium batteries function best, new battery should be within 12 hours charge 3 times, when inserted into the household electricity 220V voltage, when the red light into green light for the completion of charging.

     9 Suitable crowd: students, border police, military, and outdoor workers.


    Qualification Certificate 



    Shipped without retail box!




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    Clearance 5600MAH Smart Electric Heat Gloves,Ski Waterproof Lithium Battery Self Heating,5 Fingers&Hand Back Heated,3 Gear 4-8H

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